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It’s like walking on a big sumptuous butt.
Cody Lundin (via claviusrobinsky)
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Awkward Quotes from Dual Survival



If you don’t already know, Dual Survival is a wilderness survival show on Discovery Channel, starring Cody Lundin, described as a “bush hippie” by his counterpart Dave Canterbury, a rugged, ex-military survival expert. They must cooperate together to complete their survival missions, although they operate in two differently styles. Cody, on a personal quest to fortify his mitochondria to the elements through exposure therapy, does not wear long pants or shoes - not even in waist deep snow. Instead, he layers up a few pairs of wool socks, and sometimes ties leg warmers around his shins if he starts getting injured while walking. Dave is a practical, no nonsense guy that would rather cut to the chase, than skip around barefoot.

Not mentioned in the show’s description…Cody is a total weirdo. He’s constantly making crude, inappropriate jokes and comments to Dave, who graciously ignores them, or when they’re wildly gay comments, sighs..”Oh, Cody….no.” Dave also tries to stem Cody’s awkwardness by calling him “brother,” while Cody has once called him “Daddy.”

“Hello, Dave. I’ve missed you.”

Cody is a master at making Cody uncomfortable with his inappropriate, crude, and misplaced jokes, wry humor, and inability to smile. Whether or not he’s aware of the tension created by his oddball behavior, Cody is a source of constant entertainment throughout their voyages to escape the wilderness alive.

I tune in almost entirely to watch the awkward tension unfold, because who doesn’t love watching a rigidly straight man squirm with a sensitive, barefoot bush hippie making homoerotic jokes at him for half an hour?


“He’s staring right at the back of my head, isn’t he? Goddammit…”

So to entertain you and remind myself of all the reasons why I love Dual Survival, here a list of great Cody quotes. Enjoy.

While Dave is pinning a bison hide around Cody, because he wears shorts during the winter in Montana…
Cody: “Dress me, daddy.”

While boiling water in a snake skin over a campfire…
Cody: “If this snake skin starts pissing all over the fire, we’re in trouble.”

Preparing to cross a freezing river wearing nothing but their undershorts…
Cody: “Alright, I’m gonna cross and head for the trees. I’m going balls out because my body’s gonna be real chilled.”

Cooking field mice for Dave…
Cody: “Today I learned that Dave is a mouse virgin…I’m gonna saute these and make them real nice and presentable for him.”

Sucking his socks of melted snow and sweat over a fire…
Dave: “You didn’t just suck your socks…Why would you do that?”
Cody: “Cuz it’s like tea…eau de Cody…if you want some…suck my sock…”

Cutting nuts out of a tree…
Cody: “These are nice…hopefully Dave will be happy to see that…Hey, homeslice!”

Drinking stagnant water in a canyon…
Cody: “I brushed off the bugs off the top [of the canteen] so if he bitches much more, I’m gonna filter it through the crotch of my shorts – flavor the water for him, desert style.”

If that doesn’t make you want to go back and watch Season 1 and the beginnings of Season 2, I don’t know what will. And if you bitch about it anymore, I’m gonna squat over your head and make you some eau de me, courtesy of me.


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The lazy man's search engine for discovering new music

 Just listened to some music I love - so it works.

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tumblrbot asked

Any atoll in the middle of the ocean with it’s own shallow lagoon, and white sand beach with clear blue, green water and palm trees - just big enough for me.

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I’m dying for these shoes, but can’t find them anywhere.

I’m dying for these shoes, but can’t find them anywhere.

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My name’s Lisa. Lisa O. My last name is 10 letters long and ends in a Z. This blog is an outlet to express my thoughts, ideas, plans, and life events on a daily basis, a sort of document of my life’s progression, one I can look back on in 25 years when the Internet is implanted in our brains and think, “I was such a precocious little mid-twenties pseduoadult.” Twenty-five is a good age - I’m not too old yet, and not too young anymore either, although my mother still treats me like a floundering, lost teenager, which I once was.

But I digress…I live in a ski resort town in Colorado, and have for the past seven years, having moved here at the age of 19 and flown 1700 miles away from my family in Maryland. I grew up in Texas though, in and around Houston, and I very much liked being raised in the South, because the family values there gave me a lot of traits that I like about myself - like saying “ma’am.”

However much I like old-fashioned politeness and Texas friendliness, it’s not very applicable to anywhere outside of that state, so my expectations of people sometimes are unrealistic.
For example, the way people in Colorado stare at strangers is unique to Colorado, because anywhere else you do that, it might get you beat up. Perhaps this is topic for its own post.

So my southern charm is charming, about as cute as my 5’0 stature and petite frame, freckles and green/green eyes, but I’m not in Texas anymore, and it’s taken me a long time to develop a thicker skin, and I’m not even done at that. I have a lot to say sometimes, but have a hard time getting the words out of my throat and out into the world. Mine is a very small, baby voice, and listening to myself recorded on a voicemail is always jarring because I forget how light and airy it sounds to other people. The voice always sounds stronger inside the head, along with one’s internal dialogue, but I’ve also been told that I’m a good speaker in class while reading poems. But I hate writing poems.

So this blog is also meant to give my voice an oulet, to put something out there when I feel it and want to purge it from my inner dialogue, outside of myself, whether someone else reads it or not. Hopefully it will make me feel better and help me practice my writing skills as well, since one of my dreams in life is to become a freelance writer.

P.S. It’s frozen sleeting outside - April 24th, Easter Sunday - Winter never ends in the Rocky Mountains